I am into Belgian music at Beleuvenissen

Do you see the pattern? It's been friday night so here is a post about Beleuvenissen in Leuven. On my day off, after a full day of plunging into New England websites, a tourist guide, google maps, ....for hours, I had drafted our itinerary for our trip to New England. I was only going to look for about 2 hours and then I had plans to iron, wash the windows, move some clothes from the upper flow to our dressing (that's been ready for a couple of weeks now), ....
But the 2 hours took much longer as searching and planning turned out to be quite addictive and it takes some time to find your way in all the information, and I wanted to continue.

In the evening, my head was still buzzing with all the information and I was simply tired and happy to lay in the sofa. A lot of our friends turned out to be at the 'Gentse Feesten' , partying in Ghent, so we had no obligation to go out of the door. But after some hesitation we lifted out butts anyway and off we went to Beleuvenissen.

The theme of the third evening is always "Special", meaning that it's all popular Belgian musicians coming along. Yesterday night, Clouseau climbed on the main stage at the Oude Markt. Due to the security risk that might happen when a big crowd tries to get on the Oude Markt (there's been issues with Clouseau and overcrowded squares in the past among others at the 'Gentse Feesten'), there was no free entrance there. All 10000 free tickets had been reserved and we didn't obtain any. I don't truly dislike them, but I totally not motivated to go and stand in line at the townhall weeks before in order to get some tickets for their concert. Although I'm sure that their concerts must be good fun.

We started off at the Hogeschoolplein where Eva De Roovere was singing. We arrived at the end of her act and I didn't regret that as I am not too fond of her songs. And I feared she'd sing the horrible tune of the Emma tv show :p. We ended up listening to Gene Thomas for a while and then headed for the concert of Les Truttes. The contrast between the 2 stages was remarkable: whereas Gene Thomas started the evening by singing covers of all artists he admires (U2, Prince, ...) and bringing good artisanal and hontest songs, Les Truttes on the other side of the church also bring cover songs, but with a lot of drama, lightshow, attributes, costumes etc... I had seen them before on the Gentse Feesten so I knew what to expect.
With their catchy tunes and medleys , mixing the A-Team's tune easily to some well known disco tunes to some soccer songs, their lighted up stage stairs, the lightning guitar, the drag queen like wig from the main singer, .... they sure brought a lot of atmosphere on the square and even in the back, people were clapping and singing along. Good fun.

After the concert we went back to Gene Thomas to see the end of his concert. He seemed to have more success with is own Flemish hit songs than with his cover songs. Funny to see some teenage chicks singing passionately along :p.

Anyway, it was a pleasant night out. I am glad that we didn't stay in our sofa all night.


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