New England dreams

We urgently needed to plan our vacation before our work schedules wouldn't allow us to do so anymore. Last week the Euro had twice a record height against the dollar, which means that the USA is really cheap for us to go to right now. Jan all of a sudden uttered the idea to go to Boston.

There's many many destinations that I'd like to go to on vacation e.g. a diving destination. But the east coast of the USA and Canada is also on my wishlist. I am so in love with the beauty of Britisch Columbia, but I always miss 'history' there. The eastcoast of the USA holds all these historied beauties, stories, .... and also beautiful landscapes.

So the idea attracted us. As soon as we started surfing a bit, the more enthousiastic I became about New England. First I though it'd be a pity to go to Boston, close to New York without visiting New York. We see self-drives that visit Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Boston, ....all in 2 weeks. But we'd rather not visit 10 cities in 14 days. So it's been decided: we'll do a 2 week vacation in New England.

So our flights are booked and right now we are dreaming away with the our newly bought tourist guide of New England, the tourist websites, travelpedia, B&B websites, ... Cooo-hool, it's going to be a great trip. And it's great to dream and plan! Any tips and must do's are welcome!

My wishlist so far: white mountains, cape cod, Boston itself, Harvard, Newport, Burlington, Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, and many more......


Carol said…
Oh, have FUN! Too bad you're not coming to Seattle!

Goofball said…
Hi Carol,

we were in Seattle in september 2004. We flew in on Seattle and visited the city. So when you post pictures on your site, I get lots of memories of the Pike Place market (I loved it!!) and the seafood restaurants and the Space Needle, etc :). That's also why I like your site: it brings back nostalgic memories.

Then we took the ferry to Victoria, BC and started a long visit throug BC and Alberta.

I'll warn you though when I come back to Seattle and you can show me around to all the places I missed last time !

Jenn in Holland said…
Ah, that sounds like a great trip! It's funny to hear you talk about your perspective on the euro/dollar conversion, we see those same numbers and just cringe over how expenisive our life is here. Oh, well.
I can't give any travel tips since I have never been to that part of the USA but I am sure it will be a great trip for you.
Come by today and see me. I gave you something.:) And while you are there, link over to Soccer Mom's site. She is from Boston! She may be able to help with a list of must see things in New England.
Prashant said…
Hey you can just take the cheap chinatown bus to New York from Boston. A roundtrip will cost something like $35 and I think a one day visit should be enough to add NYC to your list of visited cities ;-)
That's what I did last year.
Africakid said…
Acadia National Park is beautiful. My inlaws live only about a half hour away from it in Maine. Have fun!
(I visit your blog via Betsy's)
I had such high hopes to compile links and drive times, etc. But here are some suggestions from a native.

Boston is a walkable city and public transit is fairly reliable.
Some suggestions:
the new ICA - the contemporary art museum is just incredible.
Boston Harbor Islands - you can take a ferry to different islands - I suggest Spectacle and Georges. Georges is amazing because there is a 19th fort/civil war prison on it.
the North End neighborhood - the old Italian district near the Harbor. Dinner is great there but you can pick up stuff for a picnic and walk over to the ferry for the Islands above.
Chinatown - another traditionally ethnic district with yummy food and atmostphere
Boston Common/Public Gardens - terrific open space. The famous Swan Boats (founded in 1877) are in the Garden.
The Freedom Trail - if you are into history and up for walking this is a good way to see Boston and learn.

Outside Boston -
Salem - I cannot say enough about this city north of Boston. It has the 17th c. witch trial history but also a terrific museum - The Peabody Essex.

Rockport - THE quintessential seaside town (again, north of Boston) with working fishing and lobster boats.

When are you actually coming to Boston? Why don't you email me (amitchells AT yahoo dot com) and I'll give you some other suggestions. Also, if you're starting in Boston maybe we could meet up for a coffee early in your visit. I'm in the city Mon-Thur.

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