Not out housewife

I am not cut out to be a housewife...or at least not to fill my days with typical household chores. Due to the rainy weather , my day of vacation ended up being a day of cleaning. And I am glad that those windows finally got washed (big difference) etc...but it sucks so much to clean a house. I hate it. It makes me stressed and it makes me depressed and I get easily irritated.

or the lousy summer is making me depressed. At least the nice spells in between the showers are scheduled in the weekends...that's already something. But I need more sun! I desperately need more sun and warmth.

Hmm it wasn't my day.


Haley-O said…
I'm soooooo not cut out to be a housewife either. Stay at home mom, yes! But, not a housewife! I TOTALLY relate!!! :)
Allie said…
Ellen, why don't you come over here to stay with me! You can kick back, enjoy the weather and watch me clean. =:P

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