• Flights have been booked
  • Daily itineraries have been created for New England.
  • 6 nights have final accomodation booked and 1 night has a provisional accomodation booked.
  • Car has been booked.
  • Books on New England and map from Amazon have arrived.

Hey, we're making progress! But I am neglecting my ironing pile. Oh well.


sari said…
Sounds like fun - have a great trip!!
Jenn said…
Vacation planning much more important then ironing!!

Betsy said…
Sounds like fun!!!! Can I come?
Haley-O said…
AWESOME! How exciting is this! Forget the ironing. I just wear everything wrinkled.... ;) Mind you, everything's tight on my preggers bawd right now, so it doesn't matter! :)

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