Shopping trip

We had quite our workout today:

1) we went up and down and back and forth on the first floor of Ikea, the ground floor of Ikea and back in the basement to the car!

2) We walked around all over the place at FACQ

3) We walked from one side to the canal to the other to see some more sanitair stores

(we are hunting for sanitair know how outrageously expensive those little toilet holder, towel holders etc are??)

4) we walked from home to the library downtown and back

5) we did the bick Carrefour and Brico slalom through all the isles.

my feet are tired now.

But it turned out a nice day and the sun was out. It wasn't hot, but it was nice. And we ate an ice cream downtown and we ate a salad outside in our garden. At least we felt a little bit like summer. Seems like they really listened to me?


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