Eurosong semi-final II

Here we go again, last evening before the Belgian final.

  • Geena Lisa: nope sorry, you just can't do it. You are very sympathetic, but the singing doesn't stand out. Sometimes it's more talking than singing. And gosh the act is so pathetic. So incredibly pathetic. Last time I said "janet jackson"...yes because it's so old-fashioned 80ies but Janet Jackson would have had energy, you guys are just slowly walking around on stage.

    the only thing that is catchy is the folkie tune that comes back from Yves least he makes good music at Urban Trad! Nobody beats Urban Trad.
  • Thabitha Cycon: well girl, you deserved your wild card. Now that you are not wearing that yuckie pyama type of suit anymore and refitted the act, the song seems to have now a lot more energy. And you look modern, quite difference with last time; It's still a happy "Up With People" song, but your voice rocks...I still like it.

    (sidenote: is that one of the singers of Voice Male as backing vocals?? I've seen those catchy glasses before!)
  • Sandrine: another singer with a voice that rocks....but the song seems a bit too low to sound comfortable. But it's surely the most glamorous act we can send in and apparently NuSoul is in. I don't know whether a Belgian Diana Ross/Amy Whinehouse would do it....don't know. The song doesn't really give me "goosebumps" but I don't know why.
  • Ishtar: ok, this is our can I be negative about this song. Check it out at Jan's site. Darn darn, now it'll stick in my mind all week again :p. This would be refreshing and surprising at a Eurovision Songcontest.

    oh Jan is already whistling...last time he whistled it an entire week ;)
  • Brahim: (sidenote here: Natialia and Udo are a couple now??? Whaaa I missed that. Gosh is that Idol incest?? or was Udo from some other of those type of contests? A X-factor...who can keep those contests apart ?)

    ok the song from Brahim...eum ok I guess, I lost my attention for it, so it cannot have been earthshaking. His songs are not my style.

ok so Ishtar has to win, Thabitha is my runner up. give the wild card to Sandrine. The wild card should come from this semi-final, as this week was a lot better than last week!


Just through your posts, I'm starting to memorize the Ishtar song, even though I don't have the slightest idea what I'm hearing. ;-)
anno said…
I can see the videos now, but I'm still working on sound. Someday I'll have my technology together...
Anonymous said…
Correction: Udo and Belle Perez are a couple mentions our newspaper today.
Haley-O said…
I'm a little lost with all this.... But... hi? ;)

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