So many of us blog under an alias that hides their true identity. It gives us a bit more freedom to write down our thoughts without worries about our privacy.
Some people turn it into a sport though to find the people behind popular blogs. Or to find out who has launched some of viral marketing. We all leave traces behind: IP address registrations, google profiles, etc... Those who know where to look, can often find us.

No wonder that today there's a big fuss in the Belgian blogosphere since one of this blog experts turned his expertise into a little tool. Go here to use the unanonymizer. You only need to type a blog URL and it will come up after a while with a list of potential authors given the traces it can find.

It sure gave me a fright when I tried it out. Scary stuff. I'm sure going to have to rethink my online activities.


Betsy said…
Hey-- I wanted to try it and all I got when I clicked the link was a picture of a fish. ??? he? Am I missing something?
Betsy said…

OK, OK. you got me.

Not to make you nervous, or anything, but I've got a loooooooooooong memory, and paybacks are hell....
sari said…
I got the fish as well. The other page I could not read because it's in a different language.
Jenn said…
Happy April Fools =)

anno said…
Got me, too!
Happy April Fools Day!

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