1st September 1989

I was riding my bike downtown with my backpack filled with a brand new blocknote, pens and some colors,... The road was very familiar but I had never used the big green gate near the river. For years I had seen all these bikes crossing the road while I was sitting in my parents car which was stopped by a traffic ward. Often I had seen my sister being among the bikers that came out of the gate. Now I was going to go in as soon as the ward signed me that the road was free to cross.

It was not like I didn't know what was on the other side of the green gate, but nevertheless today was different. This time I wasn't waisting time while my mom was still doing some work in her classroom, I wasn't running around or bringing some classroom trash to the containers behind the gate....this time I was actually going through the gate as a high school student.

I turned right immediately into the bike parking. Whereas the other students seem to have a goal and went straight to a bike stand, I quickly looked around to check any free stands and tried to figure out where I was supposed to park. At the same time I really hoped it wasn't obvious that I was doubting where to park my bike. Quickly I stopped at a free stand, locked my bike and memorised the bike stand number before I followed the others along the L-shape bikeparking through the hallway towards the high school playground.

There I noticed I wasn't the only one hesitating. Whereas some girls clearly found their friends back and gathered in little groups, others like me where turning around a bit idly. A feeling of relief came over me when I saw the faces of some of my former classmates from grade 6. Quickly I moved in between the other girls to meet them and talk about the past summer.

All of a sudden the bell rang. Now it was very very obvious where all the newcomers were. A big movement towards one side of the play ground took place where long rows formed, whereas all the newcomers were turning idle at their spot with confusion and doubt in their eyes. Should they form a row somewhere as well? Where?

Before we could take a decision, the principal appeared in the door opening near the offices and took the microphone to welcome everybody. All first years were asked to go to the gym where we'd hear how our classes were divided. 9 first year classes had been formed and our former classmates got divided over different groups. 1A7....that was my class number for this year.
Our assigned class teacher took us to our assigned classroom in one of the aquarium rooms on the left side of the play ground. After some boring class administration such as assigining fixed bike stand numbers for those who cycle, distribution of the mandatory school agenda's, distibution of the class schedules, .... our first teacher walked in our room in the 3rd hour already and our first class had started with a promise of a first test the next day?!

Welcome to life in high school!


Gudrun said…
Hey, my first test has been planned for tomorrow as well :-p

Greek alphabet, they really should learn it :-)
Korie said…
Yes, I have come to the decision that someone needs to rain fire down upon your education system here. In principle I think it's decent, but it's harsh.
lies said…
Ooh help, ik vrees dat ik vandaag ook al een testje gedaan heb. Wel maar een héél kleintje, dus eigenlijk telt dat niet mee, toch?
Goofball said…
@drun: of course they should learn the alphabet as a starter :). As you can see Lies gave a test as well. Teachers think alike.

@lilacspecs: I don't know, grew up in the system and I was used to it.

@lies: hihi, 2 leerkrachten die reageren en jullie hebben allebei een testje gegeven. Traditie zeker.

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