Change of plans

What I thought my relaxing evening would look like:

18u15 finish up work "early" for once and go home to make sure I am there by the time Jan gets there
19u eat dinner leftovers , watch ER on tv, clean-up a bit, hang-out with Jan
20u45 get ready to leave for yoga
21u yoga time
22u get back from yoga totally free from worries, totally relaxed
23u go to bed

What happened instead

18u15 finish up work "early" for once and go home to make sure I am there by the time Jan gets there. In the hallway I hear my phone on my desk ringing . "too late", I thought.
18u20 One of my colleagues responsible for 2nd line helpdesk phones me while I drive of the parking lot that users don't see some data anymore on the screen. What the hell?
18u30 he phones me back with some more information
18u40 I phone supplier to check whether they were already implementing a change on our system which I had requested at this very moment
18u45 I phone a couple of more colleagues to see if any of them can log on and give me some more information and check some stuff for me
19u15 Home....attempting to log on but get connection errors
19u16- 22u : 20 phone calls later with suppliers, my ex-boss who had logged on as well to check and help, server technicians, master data team, .... we had identified the problem to a problematic upload of data this evening, we had found a workaround for the upload program not functioning as usual when launched from home and we had provisionally solved it by reloading a 2-day old download of part of the database. Pheww.
22u10...I finish my dinner leftovers

I think I could have used some yoga tonight. Oh well, fortunately these type of evenings are rare.


Alex Elliot said…
Sorry your day didn't go as smooth as you hoped. Were you at least able to record ER?
Jen said…
This sounds like my whole last week, lol.

I hope tomorrow is MUCH better!
Korie said…
Yuck. It's always when you try planning that things go wrong it seems. But hey, tomorrow is the weekend, right?
Betsy said…
ACK! Oh well, at least you solved the problem! that last line could have read 02:45!
Snooker said…
Thankfully in computer programming there is always that PREVIOUS upload which can often save the day!
Like Betsy said... at least you were able to get it solved.
Goofball said…
@Alex: recording ER was the last thing I thought about when I rushed home and tried to connect.

@Jen: today is a tired day for sure. I dreamt of databases, had a very restless night so I feel soooo tired. They'd better leave me alone today ;). Fortunately I am also too tired to stay angry at the person who made the faulty upload erasing the data.

@lilacspecs: yeaaaah weekend :)

@betsy: indeed, once we realised what had happened the solution was easy....find a spot where the data are saved and reload them. we only found them in one language so today all data is in Dutch only, but we'll manage to load the French as well. But yes...22:00 is not a disaster I supposed, but it doesn't leave much else of the evening!

@snooker: yes I felt a lot of relieve at 22PM! Pheeewww , we solved it!

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