My weekend in a list

  • I don't need to flick my bangs backwards or sideways all the time anymore since I got my hair trimmed again. Aaaah no more hair in front of my eyes. Nice.
  • It's kind of sad to jump into the pool when you've just come home from the hairdresser.
  • 6 kids tried a first dive in the pool and came above water quite enthousiastically.
    wow did you know Mom that there's a blue button and it blows up your jacket and when you deflate you get all those bubbles!? Hehe, yes I knew that :p
  • Whereas last year I felt quite intimidated in the club because of my poor physical condition and I hoped nobody noticed my struggling too much, I now joked "slavedriver" to the trainer when he told us to swim 10 lapses to warm up.....I swam 6 of them and chatted the remaining time with the others about the past summer :p.
  • It sure hurts to start swimming intensely again after 3 months of inactivity. Maybe 10 lapses to warm up would not have hurt me :p. But I surely was not the only one getting leg cramps after half an hour.
  • RenĂ©e has really grown tall! She can put her arms on the table when standing next to it! Amazing for a 3 year old, no?
  • My mom celebrated her birthday today and we all cooked part of the meal for her.
  • Stef's conversations have improved greatly over the last months. He sometimes cracks me up because he picks up "adult phrases" and that sounds so funny when he says it.
  • It's even funnier when he tries to cross his legs like we do.
  • Whereas he has always loved the old piano at my parent's place and he has always "played" it by smashing his fists on the keys, he now starts to pay attention to the lower, higher keys and the variations between them while he sings some child songs along.
  • Jan and Stef started calling me "kabouter Kwebbel" (gnome Chatter). Oh thanks boys!
  • It's freaking cold in the mornings even when nice calm sunny weather has been predicted. Our heating had turned on this morning!!! Pff summer is really really over now.
  • We surely enjoyed sitting outside in the sun for cake, out of the wind.
  • Playing "catch my shadow" keeps you warm.
  • I suck at making shadow animals big time.
  • Some ducks jump up to low trees to catch and eat some of the lower leaves!
  • Drinking a lot of wine on a sunny day when you are already tired, makes you very very sleepy. Battling that in a cool wind with lots of coffee results in a pulsing headache. Thanks for paracetemol.


Jen said…
It sounds like a good celebration, over all. Does this mean that Jan made it home? I hope so!!!
Snooker said…
Oh, your heater kicked on?
I really am not looking forward to winter.
The swimming sure sounds like fun though!
anno said…
It sounds like a lovely weekend, and a wonderful birthday celebration! Sorry to hear your heater's kicked on already, but I'm glad it was warm enough to sit outside for cake.

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