Searchlights in the water

I just got back from my first nightdive! And it went well.
I thought it would frighten me so I joined Jan and another buddy and asked them to just go under with me, make a tiny tour near the entry point and I'd go back up and let them continue on their dive.


but I never gave them the sign to go back (although apparently we did come by the stairs but I have not noticed so we went by) and I kept on floating in between their 2 bigger lights and felt calm.

Diving without sunlight is like walking in a dark wood with search lights...but swimming and you try to catch the fish in your light. We saw a lot of big pikes and many perches in all sizes.

hahaha, you know what's funny: you can see the lights of the divers from the side of the water.
And it was the first dive where I needed to search my dropped sock around the car with a flashlight!!

Cool, it's worth repeating.


anno said…
Sounds mysterious... and very cool!
Snooker said…
How wonderful that you enjoyed your dive! It is strange to stand on the shore and peer in at the moving searchlights, isn't it?

I really enjoy seeing the sleeping fish. In the lakes it is a nice experience.

In the ocean every time you shine a light on a fish you shock and blind it, plus expose it to its many enemies... The freshwater fish don't seem to have as many enemies.

I've been a party to too many deaths on some of the world's most beautiful reefs. This is the reason I won't have night dives in salt water anymore.

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