Damn damn , due to a fire in the Euro tunnel all train traffic between the UK and France has been suspended. Argh, why on a Thursday afternoon :( :(....I miss Jan.


I'm so sorry! When will they reopen it?
Goofball said…
@jen: it doesn't reopen yet today as the fire was still blazing this morning! So it's totally uncertain whether the train service restart over the weekend.

But Jan phoned me that he managed to book a flight tonight so he'll be home with only 24h delay. Pheww. I'm happy!
Snooker said…
You know... I read about these things. But rarely do really get to hear about someone I have a passing knowledge of that is really effected by them.

Hopefully Jan's back home safe by now!
Betsy said…
Oh no! At least he was on the outside of the tunnel when it caught fire! Am glad to hear he was able to find a flight and will get to spend the weekend with you! :-)
Goofball said…
@snooker: yes most news items do not touch us personally, but now I follow the news on this point with extra attention. If each train carries about 500 - 1000 people and there are 2-3 trains per hour going each already have 10000 to 20000 or more by now.

@Betsy: yeah I am happy he got on as well. I guess he realised soon enough that waiting was pointless and booked before all of them were full. I really thing traffic will be disrupted/irregular for a long time still. But if he can't make it back to London, it's less of a problem :p
lies said…
Ohoh! 24 uur vertraging is ook nog lang als je iemand hard mist, maar in elk geval ben je nu zeker dat je hem morgen in z'n armen kan vallen!
anno said…
I'm glad he was outside the tunnel, too -- and I hope you're both together at home now. This sounds like quite a commuter headache!

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