Rozebril tagged me and the task is simple: go to the 4th folder with pictures on your computer and then upload the 4th picture in that folder.

So my 4th folder is "Canada 1999" which much to my surprise does not hold any pictures from my summer in Canada in 1999 but a selection of pictures from my trip to Canada in 2004 that are also in my fifth folder named "Canada 2004". Great, I am clearly well organised :D. I don't even have digital pictures from 1999.

Here I am posing at the entrance of the Wildlife Center in the Kootenay Valley which is 17000 acres of wetlands, swamps, lakes and kms of trails at the foot of the mountains where you can spot migrating birds, insects, moose (never seen one), snakes and also turtles that do dare to cross the entrance road.

I'd like to tag on my turn Jenn from My Life in a nutshell as she has the cutest pictures of her kids, Betsy from Blog Ness Monster as I'm sure she'll have something really funny story to go along, Carol from Northwestladybug as she loooooooves to post pictures and Lilacspecs from Lilac Colored Glasses as it's been way too long since she posted pictures on her blog ;)


Lilacspecs said…
Heh, I can't upload pictures until CB decides to hook his PC up again. You look different with long hair :)
anno said…
Well organized, indeed! Great picture, too!
rozebril said…
Grappige foto! Ik denk dat ik hem al eens gezien heb tussen de foto's van Canada die je me doorstuurde.
Je staat trouwens beter met kort haar :-)!
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