I was going to blog today's been too silent here
I was going to blog today....I have multiple posts in my head for quite a while now
I was going to blog today....because I promised Lilacspecs a guest post
I was going to blog today by quickly posting a music video that I liked....but it took too long to choose one
I was going to blog today...

but I'm tired and it's already bedtime and I don't know where time went tonight (and last nights). Anyway, I'm fine and I am almost entirely cured from that nasty little problem. What thing? hmm I already forgot ;).

Sleep well!


Virtualsprite said…
I know how you feel... well, except for the cyst. Just about the blogging.

Hope everything - physical and mental - heals well. :-)
rozebril said…
Oef! Ik was net van plan om je een mailtje te sturen met de vraag of alles oké was...

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