Bits of this and that

  • I'm hooked to "Mijn Restaurant" again. Too bad I don't live in one of the participating cities as I feel less involved. Yet the consistent critics comments on man man he is clearly talented. And St-Truiden too! And the same consistency on Turnhout in negativity....hmmmm too bad for them.
    And then St-Niklaas and Diest are just fun to watch.
  • Is it just me are is there a lot more Mini Coopers on the road? Some big audit firms like Deloitte seem to have them as their new company car. So is the VW Golf out now and the Mini in? Once I started having that impression I see Mini's all over obviously.
  • It's confusing to get back in your car after 2-3 weeks for the first time ...2-3 weeks after the time switched to summer savings time. Who thinks about resetting the clock anymore?
  • I hate having 2 doctors who claim the opposite: a new abcess growing or just painfull scar tissue that needs to soften. Who to believe? Which action to take?
    I hate having a pain level that remains constant: fairly manageble but too disturbing to live/act normally. Without evolution how will I know what is happening? it should either improve or get worse and its doing neither? Pffffffffff I am still not amused.
  • Too bad Ranunculus flowers aren't there anymore in June
  • Jan and I realise we don't have much pictures witof the 2 of us.
  • Why am I biting my lips?
  • I feel like making a flower arrangement. But when and how? Maybe I should simply buy some fresh flowers.
  • Why am I still biting my lips even though I just realised before that I am doing so?


Lilacspecs said…
I have scar tissue that still hurts from time to time...I hope that issue resolves itself for you.

And 2-3 weeks? Try a year not driving! Although I was able to pick it up immediately when I drove in the US. It's a shame getting used to riding the bike again wasn't as easy!
anno said…
Sorry to hear that you're still in pain; must make the conflicting diagnoses especially frustrating! I hope something changes soon for you!

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