The changing interview meme

I got tagged by RozeBril a while ago. Since I had my mind preoccupied with my medical issues last week, I am a bit late to play but here I am now!

These are the game rules:

1) Answer all the questions and replace one question you don't like as much by a new question, 2) Add a new question.

What is your obsession at this moment? eum...I'm afraid last week was all about abcesses, wounds and medication. But don't worry that obsession is only temporary. No seriously, it's probably wedding planning at the moment for the obvious reason.

What are you wearing at the moment? blue sweatpants and fitting jacket + blue T-shirt....I like comfortable soft fabrics to wear at home.

Do you nap regularly?
Only when I am sick or when I feel utterly exhausted or when a headache is starting.

Who did you hug most recently? Jan

What do you want to change? My unwanted subscription to unwelcome infections. Bleh.

What are you having for dinner? I don't know...I should ask Jan what is on the menu :p. I'm gonna make myself an omelette right now for lunch though.

Your last purchase: lingerie for my wedding :)

What sound are you listening at the moment? The tv in the background.

Favourite weathertype: Bright and sunny and warm! fantastic. What else could it be? I want to go to music festivals, have a outside dinners and BBQ's, walk and make bikerides, dive and picknick next to the dive spots with our friends, ....

Your goal: Conquer some of the fears that bother me.

Say something to the person who tagged you: hey RozeBril...ik geniet altijd van het optimisme en vrolijkheid die jouw blog (en je familie) uitstraalt.

Favourite vacation location:
Egypt for the diving,

Canada for my friends and for the spectacular nature,

USA for the same reasons really,

France for the history and mountains and seas and cities and food,

Greece for the history and beaches and weather,

Spain for the food and beaches and diving ,

Switzerland for the mountains,

London for its diversity,


Films you can watch over and over again:
I used to that as a teenager with "Ferris Bueller's day off", "The Mission", "Dances with wolves", "Daens", ... I knew these movies by heart.
but lately I really don't watch a lot of movies anymore and I don't enjoy watching them multiple times at all. I don't know but I seem to have lost interest in movies over the last years.

Favourite tea tast: fresh mint tea

Book you are currently reading: Ironically enough I've been on sickleave for a week already and have not read a single page in a novel since last Monday. But I am about to start "A thousand splendig sun's" from Khaled Hosseini. I really hope it is gonna be as good as I hope it is gonna be.

What do you want to do one day? cuddle my sleeping baby on my tummy.

Which quality would you like to have? I wish I didn't get irritated so easily

Name one of your qualities: honesty

What are you waiting for? Nice days that warm up the water :-)....and then...SPLASH blub blub blub blub

Do you have a tic or specific characteristic?
yes I rub my handkerchief in my pocket constantly

Which old fashion trend do you hope to return soon?

long (to anckles) wide skirts from the mid nineties. I loved how the fabrics where whirling around my legs.

Allie, Betsy, Anno and Snooker....feel free to play if you feel like it.


rozebril said…
Leuke weetjes :-)
Ah, dan toch lingerie gevonden!
anno said…
What fun! Glad to hear about your shift in obsessions, and hope to hear more about A Thousand Splendid Suns sometime soon. I'll post my responses later this week -- thanks!
Allie said…
Long skirts hey? Those were always a challenge for me due to my long legs so the mini skirt has always been a blessing when in style. :P

I think that you will be an amazing mom too, so I hope that your dream gets fulfilled in the very near future! Oh ... and I want to be named as a godparent mkay?

I will certainly play along too! I just have to wait until all of the monkey go down for naps and quiet time respectively.
I love this meme. Glad you can obsess about things beyond abscesses now. I'm so sorry you've been going through all that!
Alex Elliot said…
That was a really good book! What's your recovery like now?

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