Flat Stanley visits Belgium

Last weekend we had a house guest. Jenn in Holland had asked if one of her friends could come on over. We have a guestroom so why not.

So Stanley arrived. He turned to be much younger than I had realised. A little boy really. And dressed in pink, with a skirt. Euh yeah don't ask.

We were hosting "Flat Stanley" for a Flat Stanley project in a kindergarten in Phoenix AZ. And Stanley got to visit Leuven, helped Stef searching for easter eggs and watched Jan diving. I hope the kindergarden kids enjoy seeing the pictures of the adventures their Stanley was having in Europe!


Virtualsprite said…
What fun! A few of the schools in our area do that and the kids love seeing all the fun places that Stanley goes. I think your pictures will be the highlight of the visit.
I love the Flat Stanley projects. When C was in first grade his Flat Stanley went to Russia! Also to NYC, where mom took him out for chocolate cake way up in a restaurant high above the city, and to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He also went to a Broadway play. I was very jealous!
anno said…
What a great guest! Great photos, too -- the kids are going to love them!

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