Shopping therapy

  • What to do when you've spent too much time home alone already and it's starting to weigh down on your mood?

  • What to do if you can't go along on a dive club excursion to the Netherlands simply because you can't sit (that long) (in a car)? What if you have to stay home alone behind all weekend?

  • What to do if you are afraid that you'll be more housebound in the coming weeks due to a potential new surgery?
Well you can invite a friend for dinner and a DVD....and another one for a gentle walk around the block. And you can go shopping?

I am not those women with a shoe fetish. not al all. I love my old worn shoes that are so comfortable. In winter you need a brown and black shoe and some boots and then you are set for years. They fit everything. In summer you need some suede sneakers for cold days or walking days, some neutral colored flat sandals and heeled sandals. And you need hiking boots and a pair of flip-flops for the beach. Anything more is optional.
On average my shoes last 4 years for sure but there's shoes in my closet 14 years old (although those should get thrown out though).

My summer black smart sandals are starting to wear out, so I felt to buy a white. There was a lot of offer but only one pair attracted me a lot. Yet it was sold out in my size. So I was giving up already like I often do when looking for shoes. But on my way back home I noticed them in the window again at another store. And they still had them in my size and they were not expensive at all and I love them !! (and on the online Esprit store they are sold-out in my size as well :p ). Weird, never been so excited for a new pair of shoes.


anno said…
Very pretty -- I hope you some in your size!

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