Eurovision: a fun flashback

As you could read over at Lilaspecs, tonight the Eurovision song circus has started again and it almost lasts a week: a semi-final tonight, another one on Thursday and the final on Saturday. What a madness.

The quality of songs last years is so horrendous (or I grew up?), so tonight my tv stays tuned on "Mijn Restaurant" mostly. Yet the Eurovision song contest does bring me a lot of nostalgia form my childhood when I was still a tremendous fan of all the kitch....when the top 10 hits were all filled with eurovision songs....when the contest truly produced songs that I liked and remembered....when my parents woke me up when the results got in to tell me who had won.

One of the songs that I've always remembered and still always brings a big smile to my face is Israƫl in 1987: Lazy Bums with "Hoppa Hulla"

Enjoy! Wouldn't you want this to still participate??


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