Half a size

There I stood all dressed up, proudly smiling to my image in the mirror.

She frowned and pulled the tissue under my arms
"You lost weight, right?"
"Euh, yes I did, I'm recovering from recent surgery"
"I'll have to call the seamster again"

A bit later there's 1 cm tissue pinned in under my arms at each side. It does look better and so the dress stays in the store for one more week.
Bye bye see you next week!


anno said…
The delay in actually getting your dress must be frustrating. Still, I must confess some envy to the prospect of taking clothing in instead of trying to let it out. You will post a picture, right?
Carol said…
I lost weight after my surgery too... and have gained it all (and, I think, MORE) back. Sigh!

Jen said…
This is better, though - it's much worse if you GAIN weight and they need to put panels in or something.

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