Less than a month!

Surgery and wounded or not....the last preperations for the wedding must go on while standing with the laptop at the kitchen counter top (and with some help from Jan and friends who go and check some stores or take some pictures of the wedding locations for me).

And in the mean time we keep our fingers crossed that the surgeon tells me on Wednesday that I'm having a speedy recovery (and that he does not discover a fistula that needs more cutting work!!) and that I will be able to sit painless in a couple of weeks time.

  • location: booked more than a year ago
  • caterer: booked
    menu confirmed
  • townhall: booked
  • church: booked
  • dress + shoes + jewels: bought/ordered
  • men's clothes: ordered
  • rings: at home....and so beautiful...I want to wear my ring already. I think my hand looks very good with my wedding ring on it :)
  • DJ: evening discussed
    => we still must notify him our chosen opening song :)
  • photographer: booked
  • guestlist: final
  • invitations: sent & starting to gently chase the people who have not yet returned an answer
  • children's clothes: bought and very cute!
  • choir: booked and songs chosen
  • flowers: chosen and booked
    => still need to find a grey/beige cloth to hang over the altar (height: 92 cm width: 148 cm depth: 82 cm)....if I don't find some modest end of roll cloth in the downtown textile store which is in my "I can walk half an hour" distance range, I might need some help!
  • Taxi: booked
  • Honeymoon vacation: booked (and new passport and international driving license ready and vaccinations checked)
    =>yes we have a cancellation insurance, let's hope we don't need to use it!!
  • Hairdresser: booked (tests planned and postponed)
  • Make-up: booked
  • Air brush tanning: to book after doctor's appointment
  • Wedding service : finishing
  • Witnesses: chosen and contacted
    => bring names to city hall: to do
  • Notary: ongoing
  • Table settings: to start
  • Wedding candle: ordered
  • Buy candy for children at church: to do
  • Maybe buy guestbook and candid camera's : to do
  • Hen party: apparently getting planned
  • Find victims to set the church chairs before service, check the carpet being rolled out there, bring the serice booklets to the church and distribute them to the guests, to read texts in church, ...: to do! => volunteers are welcome to report to me :)


anno said…
You're doing great! Sounds like all you need are a couple of victims -- not me! -- and a convenient bribe to the local notary, and you could pull this off tomorrow if you had to. Good luck!
leen said…
als ik zondag niet moet vliegen (reserve tot en met maandag) wil ik wel eens gaan kijken op de zuidmarkt, of bij les puces du chien.

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