Multiple choice

I am almost too tired to watch "Mijn Restaurant" because

I phoned my boss yesterday to tell him that I felt too well to remain in sickleave and that I needed some mental challenge, even though I can only sit with the help of a special pillow and driving a car is still out of the question.
Then I spent a day catching up 4 weeks worth of e-mails, problems, questions and information in an ever more painfull tense position on my chair. In the evening I had to go for a walk to deblock my cramped shoulders and back. Today it was already a lot better, but I'm clearly not used to a work rhythm anymore.

b) 3 AM
A low sound rumbles in the background, combined with a loud wooooosh wooosh and ticking on the window

G: (very sleepy) "huh, is that a thunderstorm?"
J: "Is the window open upstairs"
G: "I'll go and check"
...opens bedroom door and faces the hallway window
"oh my, that's scary...that much lightening! Hell, I don't dare to go up"
J:"turn the light on"
...turns the light on
G: "ah ok much better"
....goes upstairs to close a window
G: "my gosh never seen such a thunderstorm. That lightening is insane. It doesn't stop a second. We are so lucky that the center of the thunderstorm isn't here. I hope it doesn't come closer, that's insane to be in the middle of such a storm."
J: "mmm..."
J: "Gosh" (gets up and opens a curtain)
"Wow so much lightening"
G: "Told you so"
J: "I'm telling you , this storm is going to be headlines in the news again. We are lucky, I think in the direction of Brussels is much worse."
G: "yeah, going to be fires and floodings and damage"

G: turn turn
"sigh, it's too clear, so much lightening"
J: turn turn turn


c) I'm thinking of more and more small last minute wedding preparations to do. Or at least I think there's still a lot out there and I simply don't realise them in time.

d) all of the above


Lilacspecs said…
Yeah, that storm was crazy! Our window was open and we're lucky the floor didn't flood. It did get very wet though.

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