New neighbours

During dinner outside in our garden last Monday (before the big thunderstorm) , Jan noticed a lot of new activity next doors. ...Unwanted buzzing activity just under the roof.

So I went to warn the house owners yesterday about the wasp nest and immediately I was dragged into their garden to point out the flying intruders at the corner of their house.

Today I heard they didn't have wasps but bumblebees. And apparently those have a hard time in Belgium and are protected. Hmm I didn't know that! So the fire department told our neighbours that their outside houseguests must remain there in their little newly decorated nest under the roof and cannot be touched. But they wouldn't bother us either.

It actually makes sense because I was already surprised that the wasps had let us have outside drinks and dinners over the last weekend without interruption. I guess these fuzzy fatties mind their own business.

So one week after some negative media messages about the disappearing bees in Belgium, we have new neighbours for the summer that are not so unwelcome after all. I hope they come and visit our strawberry flowers a lot :). Maybe I should get some more flowers for them.


Becca said…
Just the other day I found bumblebee's building nests outside my front door ~ I'm not very happy about that, since I'm allergic to bee stings.

Your little bees sound very productive :)
Allie said…
You could always hang a small brown paper bag with a string by your eating area and the bees won't come around. Because they are so territorial, they will think that it is another hive and "buzz off".

This way, you get the best of both worlds: you are saving them and ensuring your peace of not getting stung while enjoying your backyard.

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