Out of office

It's been more than 5 weeks now that I've been in the office. In April I was in sick leave, then working a bit from home and right at the moment I was supposed to return to the office, I was forced to go back into sick leave.

In the 9 years that I'm working I've never been ill more than a week I think until this recurring problem has started. It's really strange to be away that long from work and colleagues and a working environment.

But it's nice to be missed. Since I stayed home, my employer is ensuring I don't loose the connection with work by a relaunch of our major brand, media campaign, press conferences and news articles, roadside billboards and "fanpage invitations on facebook" (don't hesitate to join by the way, lots of prices to win!).
It's nice to be reminded to work so regularly while being stuck at home and I am not in the slightest bit sarcastic. I'm really happy to see the relaunch that my colleagues have so enthousiastically prepared for months, happening and all the positive reviews it's getting. Hey good job, it's tasting good! Cheers :). I didn't forget you guys.


anno said…
It is nice to be missed! Hope you can return soon!
Virtualsprite said…
I agree with anno. I like being missed, too.

How can I be a fan on Facebook? I'll gladly be a fan of beer, especially if helps you!
It IS nice to be missed.... I know it well from my recent hiatus. Everyone was so welcoming when I returned....

You have SO much going on! And a wedding coming up I hear!!

I hope you get well soon!
Korie said…
IT's nice to be cared about by your employer/coworkers, definitely. And I've noticed the new advertisisng. Which is good cause the "maten, makkers, maes" thing was getting a little worn out.
Goofball said…
@Anno: yes me too, but don't think it'll happen in the first 2-3 weeks though. I was especially touched by getting a big flower arrangement at home on the day I got my surgery. Obviously that was more a sign of them letting me know I am not forgotten rather than this big marketing campaign ;)

@Virtual sprite: become fan of this page : http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/De-Nieuwe-Maes/79442222535?ref=ts (Dutch version)



@Haley-O: so glad you came by by my blog again. always welcome here. Yes I have way too much going on. I cannot recommend anyone to get surgery 5 weeks before their wedding!

@lilacspecs: "Maten, Makkers, Maes" might have gotten old, yet it's a slogan that is very robust and very very well known though. They've already abandonned it in the past and then returned to it because it's so strong.

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