Standing at the kitchen top

Here I am again standing up with the laptop on the kitchen counter top: too sleepy to do much, but too awake to nap :p.

Anyway, surgery went ok I suppose. It's not like I know what's been going on as I was sound asleep right :p. And the fact that I'd be more in pain as before the surgery was anticipated and normal as the goal of the surgery was cutting out an infected zone creating an open but clean wound that can grow up slowly but healthy. Yet the pain isn't too bad.

All in all it went fine. Better than the days before the surgery where I managed to get myself sick from nausea from stressing out beforehand. I am so talented in doing so. Envisioning myself dizzy with an upset stomac on my back (ouch) in the recovery room made me exactly so...before.
The irony is that reality was better than my negative expectations: I've asked for something to calm me down when checking in at the hospital and a purple Xanax made me doze slightly off while waiting to get rolled away and hear the anesthesiologist tell me "sleep well". And I believe they've given me different anesthesia (since I had to answer on the questionnaire whether I had nausea last time) which simply made me wake up from a deep sleep with a steady stomac. Yeaah. Ah and that silly blue surgery dress actually had some buttons that remained closed this time unlike last time where they were merely decorative but not functional at all!

So now I have to wait again for the wound to cure itself ...and if it does entirely since the surgeon all of a sudden didn't rule out a fistula anymore. He can't prove that hypothesis (yet) but he couldn't prove I was suffering from cyst(s) either. Damn. The nurses that come at home to desinfect the wound say it's looking good. I wonder how a wound can "look good"...glad it's at a spot I can't check myself :p.

....35 more days to get cured and to get seated again ....


anno said…
I'm glad things went better than you feared this time, but ouch! It hurts just to read this. Hope you continue to recover; no setbacks this time!
Lilacspecs said…
I really hope this time works for you. I had to have mine operated on twice (once to drain and once to remove) and those were both uncomfortable to say the least. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Virtualsprite said…
I'm so glad everything went well! Take care of yourself and get better soon. I'll be thinking of you.
Snooker said…
I'm so sorry that this has been such a trial for you. But it sounds like you are on the road to recovery, finally. I'm thinking good thoughts of you.

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