This post is going to be short in words as I am too tired today to type much coherently. But pictures will tell it all, I hope. Of course my friends knew what I'd like and totally dislike when they organised my bachelor party. So as expected it ended up a cosy relaxing but very fun day/evening with a fun and quite diverse group of friends. I had nothing to worry about, just enjoy :)

Afternoon: a picture hunt walk through part of Leuven. Fortunately I knew the city well enough to find the way and guide the rest. In the mean time I received some assignments.

My egg with Jan's picture was my buddy for the entire day and I had to take care of it to proof my care capabilities in marriage.

Yet I had to remain independent in marriage as well so I was forbidden all day to talk about or refer to Jan all day. Any infringement got punished by a piece of chocolate I had to eat....for me that is a punishement, but I played by the rules and ate (whenever they had noticed I had mentioned Jan). Posing with a chocolate bar can be combined with a big smile... while eating it the smile disappears.

Playing hints on the busy big market square in Leuven. They were so gentle to me: I was simply dressed in white instead of some hideous costume and I didn't have to harrass the people with stupid assignments. I really pitied a "colleague" Pipi Longstocking who had to sell condoms to the people so I bought 2....who knows, they could come in handy as 'protection' for the egg, right?

In the city park I had to humn songs to my public who clearly thought I was quite funny.
Evening: A belly dancing course proofed us we had muscles where we had never imagined we'd have muscles....only we had no clue how to use them :p. Fun but not easy! the challenge is to isolate a part of your body and move it while the rest is stable (or moves in a different direction).

Later in the evening: A nice cosy dinner with a big group of friends

Later in the evening: some more cocktails to be tested in downtown Leuven.

.......and an unfortunate egg that somehow truly by accident slipped from my hand at the doorstep while coming home. Fxxx! I took care of it so well day and now my little egg is broken


rozebril said…
Leuke foto's zeg! En 't was supergezellig!
Haley-O said…
Eating chocolate is PUNISHMENT for you? Are you KIDDING? ;) You are so CUTE!!!
It looks like a wonderful day! YAY!!!
Lilacspecs said…
Glad you had fun!
Can't wait t hear about the wedding!
Snooker said…
It looks like a wonderful day of fun and adventure. Very nice friends.

Sorry about the Jan/egg though...
Anonymous said…
Het was idd gezellig, dat moeten we nog eens overdoen ;-)
En ik wil nu echt wel eens zien hoe groot de cocktails in de College wel niet zijn als die die wij gedronken hebben klein zijn...

Jenn said…
Looks like so much fun.


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