Working on my tan

This Pentecost long weekend turns out to be (like last Ascencion long weekend) a really beautiful one. And then the divers hit the road. And then it's quite fun to join them even when you must stay dry on land.

And our club excersions turn out to be ever more and more food festivals. Cookies, chips, candy, drinks make magical appearances from bags and cars after a dive and all goes round and round in circles at a much to high speed to keep on taking. With weather so inviting for some lake-side tanning and relaxing, also portable BBQ's have appeared with an abundance of meat and salads and we make it in total day-time camping excursions. Nice to forget for a moment all wedding preperations except for that tan that I urgently need to get!


Brillig said…
Oh my gosh. It looks like a gorgeous day! How fun!
rozebril said…
Zo gezellig! Toch beter om zo te bruinen dan van een potje hè?!
Mike said…
So, did you get a great tan?

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Haley-O said…
So exciting! Just stand next to me, and you'll look tanned. Promise! ;)
Snooker said…
I love a day of diving with the group. Isn't it wonderful?

"A crappy day diving is still better than a good day at work."
Allie said…
I wish that I would have been there with you and in three days from now. It is killing me and know that you and Jan have been in my thoughts non stop.

I wish that I were like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz where I could click my heels with my magic shoes and be with you in Belgium.
Allie said…
Less than 24 hours left for you to run Ellen! (hee hee)

Wish that I were there with you and am thinking of both of you tonight and tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing all about your special day and seeing some pictures of you in your beauty.

Give Jan and big kiss and hug from us and he in turn to you for us. Love you both and are truly so happy for you!
Lesley said…
Congratulations!!!!!! I'm a late well-wisher but a well-wisher nonetheless.
To a lifetime of happiness together!

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