Our civil wedding ceremony

First we had our civil marriage ceremony in the gothic townhall of Leuven. You have to wait in a side gallery of the building while the previous ceremony is going on at the other side of the window. They were running late on schedule so the previous couple only got in when we arrived. At the moment the wedding was pronounced and we heard the applause we were tempted for a second to knock on the window and wave extensively and give them thumbs up or something....but we behaved and didn't disturb their moment :p.

The ceremony was as expected not much special: reading out loud of the law texts concerning marriage, a few questions to be answered with yes and a little speech to congratulate us.

As to answer your questions: we didn't get married by the well-known mayor Tobback. He married the couple before and after us. I guess he was alternating with is CD&V alderman colleague ...it was the day before the elections :). He was standing outside the hall though and congratulated us when we walked out.

After the ceremony you get to walk out at the big staircase in front of the townhall leading to the big market square showing off to all the tourists :p


Jen said…
And I bet all the tourists love that! But which ceremony made you feel like you were really, truly married?
anno said…
Everyone looks so elegant -- and those two little girls in the pink dresses are just adorable! (as Jen said) I bet the tourists just loved it!
Luisa Perkins said…
As anno said--so elegant! What a gorgeous setting for a gorgeous couple.
Goofball said…
@jen: well this is a very short imporsonal ceremony so I don't attach much emotional value to it.
But you can't rule out that legally this is the ceremony that makes you married. After this one, your tax declaration changes, legal status changes, the wedding contract kicks in, .... A religious service only makes emotional changes really.

My sister had her civil wedding a few months before the "real" one, so we only send anniversary cards for the latter. yet I do know she remembers the first one as well on a smaller scale.
Carol said…
You look beee-yoooo-ti-ful! How FUN!


Korie said…
The townhall is gorgeous!

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