Our wedding: the morning preperations

Thank you all for asking more about our wedding and honeymoon! Now we're back from our honeymoon I finally get some time to start looking at the hundreds of pictures we have of both our wedding and honeymoon. (please if you have some taken yourself , could you e-mail them?? I'm so curious). So here are some stories and memories :

As I had said before we had arranged to have both wedding ceremonies taking place on the same day. As a result we'd have to run on a tight schedule and our day was starting early.

In the Belgian tradition the bride sleeps at her parent's house (quite obvious in the past when the couple wasn't usually living together yet before the wedding, but less and less obvious in the current society and therefore a bit of a disappearing tradition in its strict sense). and the groom and his parents and siblings in the "suite" arrive at her house to pick her up. Since my parents live 100 km from the wedding locations that wasn't quite so practical to do. But since Jan's foreign colleagues were already arriving the day before the wedding and were staying in the hotel next to the wedding venue, Jan had booked a room there. On Friday we all went out for dinner and drinks with my Canadian host parents who had arrived and his collleagues and then he left me home alone with one of my best friends.

After a night without much sleep our alarm went off quite early to get us going for make-up and hairdresser appointments. If I had stress it were mainly worries that I'd be too tired to keep going all day and to enjoy it all conciously. But I was told that brides are never tired or cold or ... and that would turn out to be the truth.

After dropping some stuff off at the church, we were ready to get dressed. Yeaaaaay exciting!

And then we had to wait until Jan would arrive, until my friend had spotted the taxi in front of the door and yelled "He's there!". When the doorbell rang, my hands were trembling slightly.

And after Jan , the rest of our family arrived and we took the time to have a toast and some relaxed socialising before we'd all be absorbed in the ceremonies and conversations with all the wedding guests.


Lilacspecs said…
It looks great so far!
Allie said…
Sigh ... I missed such a beautiful day didn't I ....

You look so beautiful and happy Ellen!
rozebril said…
Leuk dat we dit deel ook te zien krijgen! Gelukkig dat ik er niet was, want ik zou de hele tijd aan het snotteren zijn van ontroering :-).
Knappe foto's!
Carol said…
What beautiful photos! Congratulations!

You look absolutely gorgeous. Our grooms often don't see the bride until she walks down the aisle.

Yesterday, when C was getting his big haircut, there was a wedding party there, getting their hair and make-up done. It was fun to watch.
Goofball said…
@jen: well grooms in Belgium don't get to see the bride until they ring her doorbell and she opens the door for him!

I am just checking C's FB pictures ...wow, what a spectacular transformation!
Luisa Perkins said…
Oh, you were a breathtaking bride!
Virtualsprite said…
So beautiful!
anno said…
So elegant! You look just beautiful -- thanks so much for the pictures!

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