The wedding flowers and our rings

Our rings are natural white gold (so not bleached as the traditional white gold, which gives it a modest yellow warmer shine) and quite linear and without much decorations. Mine has a few decorations to give it a more feminine look.

I wanted all flowers to be modern, linear, no-nonsens, one-color....except for my bouquet which fitted better with my dress if it was round. (I had expected to choose a sober linear straight dress , but when trying them all on I fell in love with a much bigger, more decorated, more romantic dress I had ever anticipated...hehe). In every floral piece at every location were white calla lilys as a returning theme.

All floral credits go to Verde, a Leuven florist at the Kapucijnenvoer!! He did a way better job than I had even hoped :)


Korie said…
Very pretty.
Ours are white gold too, but they'll have to be redipped in rhodium every so often to keep them white.
Luisa Perkins said…
All so perfect, and so you.
Jen said…
So, so beautiful! And I adore calla lilies. I think they may be my favorite flower.
rozebril said…
Rachael said…
The rings are superb. I love the diamonds on your ring. The flowers are also amazing. I love the boutique and holder you have them in. Looked like an absolutely amazing wedding.

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