A autumn walk around Spa

Spa is a historic city in the middle of the Belgian Ardennes, well known for the many sources , its mineral water brands , its wellness hotels popular among nobility throughout past centuries making the word spa a synonym for thermal treatment resorts in different languages.

The beauty & the proximity of the region combined with quiet fall weather made us head out to the south-east of Belgium this afternoon for a walk. And on our drive back home through the valleys, along the meanders of a little rushing creek with view on the woods with turning leaves, I thought for a moment that I was in North America, I felt on vacation...

Some boglands just south of the city of Spa

Fall colours...Yes Lilacspecs , we do have fall colours here and there :p. Not red, but some yellow & orange


Source the Géronstère

Wow what a beauty. It moved me.


Leslie said…
Absolutely beautiful.
anno said…
It looks beautiful, and peaceful, too. Glad you had the chance to enjoy it!
Lilacspecs said…
Heh, actually I said Flanders had no color in the fall and you were in Wallonia. But it's true, the other day I say some nice yellows when we were driving to Lochristi. I even commented on it to CB that you guys did have changing leaves, we just never got to see them living in the city.
Betsy said…
Did you see me on my bicycle?

Heh heh. just kidding... (helaas, want het ziet er heeeeeel erg mooi uit!)
rozebril said…
Schoon!Ik was 2 jaar geleden voor de allereerste keer in Spa en was toen ook heel aangenaam verrast.
Becca said…
Beautiful photos! I love the colors...we have so many beautiful colors here now too. It's great to walk around and enjoy them all :)
I just stumbled onto your blog. I was in Brussels last weekend and loved every minute of it! You have some really nice photos here.
Poetikat said…
I was in Belgium as a teenager, but was too young to appreciate its beauty. I was only interested in what the local boys were like! Sadly, I was with my parents, so did not have the chance to find out!

What a beautiful walk! You are so fortunate.

Thanks for all of your visits,

Brian Miller said…
ah, what a beautiful walk...thank you for taking us with you through your lens.

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