Has anyone noticed also that famous people always seem to die in clusters? One big name is announced in the news with an unexpected dramatic death....and you can bet there will follow a couple more in the coming days:
or do I imagine that kind of stuff?


Lilacspecs said…
We have an expression that everything happens in threes. Three people often die very closely together. It's strange. And it's scary, what happened to Vandenbroucke. I'm always afraid of that sort of thing happening to me cause I wouldn't get to say goodbye.
Yodood said…
Of course you imagine it. You look as far as you need to to find three people and then start counting over again on the next set of three with the next one. I could name a lot of people who've died you never heard of, just like some of the people you consider famous have never existed for me. It's kind of like leaving the iris open on the camera hooked up to a very powerful telescope; when do you shut it? when you see three star, three galaxies or until there is nothing but white on the film because the light from so many galaxies have reached it. And there's some behind those. My mother used to count plane crashes by threes that way, I've done a lot of thinking about how we notice patterns.
Goofball said…
@yodood: yes of course I imagine it, I don't really believe there would be some kind of universal truth or rule.

I just wanted to express the feeling I had this week of amazement when one after another death was announced and the newspapers didn't have enough room/time to pay respect to one personality because another one caught the attention. I simply remembered that this is not the first time happening.

Obviously it's all relative: who is famous? I've listed a lot of Belgians that would not be famous across the ocean.
I'm also aware that when someone dies "alone" we probably simply don't pay much attention to it and forget the event. But now, it feels a bit creepy when one funeral after another needs to get organised.

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