Crossing people

"Is this the way to the train station?"
"euh....euh yes, continue strait ahead in that direction"

The lady from the butcher is washing the windows after the shop has been closed for the day.

A couple walks by the bookstore. When they've just walked by, the girl pulls his arm resulting in a big turn of them both when she points to one of the books in the window.

"Pfff il fait chaud ici dans le bureau"
"oui, c'est vrai, très chaud"

"It's not busy right now, I can help you until I get a new customer" says the post office employee while she sits down at the desk next to me and starts sticking stamps to part of my pile of envelops.
"Oh wow, thank you that's so nice of you"
"Those sticker stamps are quite fast to use huh"
"euh, yes yes, easy"
"I think there's somebody at your desk now"
"oh yes, bye"

"We have to search the family name marked on this statue" says the girl holding the quiz book to her husband who's already staring at the the big sitting posture of the former local industrial Rémy.

A big group of KSA youth (a well known youth organization) is gathered in a big circle on the square chanting songs to each other while being observed at some distance by a group of tourists.

2 families with little children sit down at the park for a pick-nick.

Another group of people arrives at a woman on a bench who welcomes them and starts explaining them a game in which they seem involved for the next 2 hours and that will use boules.


So many people on their way, each with their own story, goal, direction, .... Amazing when you start to think about how many paths you cross on a simple walk through the city.


Luisa Perkins said…
Oh, I love to think about all the stories that pass me by every day.
Virtualsprite said…
Me too. I always had a thing with my mother where we would make up our own stories about the people we saw around us. Whenever we went out for dinner or went on a walk or for a long car trip, we came home with a story.

I still do that.
rozebril said…
Amai, dat jij je dat allemaal herinnert. Als ik door 't stad loop, ben ik meestal helemaal in gedachten verzonken en merk ik niks van wat rondom mij gebeurt.
Brian Miller said…
great post! there are so many paths we cross, so many lives we touch...until we stopp and think, we just might take it for granted. lovely.
Snooker said…
It shows what kind of a person you are that you take the time to think about others the way you do.
Lilacspecs said…
Interesting thought. It has crossed my mind before.
Haley-O said…
I used to think about all the stories around me when I took the subway. I'd look at every single person and wonder what their story was. Great post. :)
Luisa Perkins said…
I tagged you for a meme this morning; I hope you'll play!
Poetikat said…
Hello! I just popped in from Waystation One. I have been to Belgium, but it was many years ago (1977) when I was 16.

I do love Belgian beer though—Hoegaarden is my favourite!

Please stop by my blogs:
Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes and Kigo of the Kat

(you'll find the links at my profile).

I'll be following you from now on.

The human condition never stops amazing me. Great muse. -Jayne

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