One of those (summer?) days

This was my mood most of the day, although a lot less cheerful than Lily Allen.
But don't worry, I'm unwinding now and now I can sing along the cheerful song instead of wanting to type a long rant that I should not want/dare to publish on the internet anyway.

And now I start looking forward to tomorrow evening when we'll go to see a concert of Bart Peeters in Leuven. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaay.


rozebril said…
Oeioeioei... Gelukkig dat de storm al een beetje gaan liggen is. Heb je wat kunnen ontstressen met the Block? Dat is bij mij altijd een beetje troost als ik een lastige dag gehad heb
rozebril said…
Ik kijk ook al uit naar morgen trouwens :-)
Brian Miller said…
ack...sorry to hear you had a bad day...there is always tomorrow...smiles.
Leslie said…
I had never heard that Lily Allen song, but, um, LOVE IT. Sorry about your bad day. Hope it's long gone now.
Goofball said…
@rozebril: ik ook! tot vanavond

@Brian: yes there's always tomorrow, and today is going to be good, and the coming days even better.

@Leslie: really? it was a huge hit here, on the radio all summer. But then we can swear on the radio all we want without beeping anything out :p

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