Sorry I can't come online right now

......because I am listening to this and so much more.......LIVE at the moment


man man man...oh boy that was good.
Now I can go to bed with sore hands from clapping and images of 4 floors of waving people, little Otto and his pacifier and elephant drawing, a hairdresser on Sunday night in the Carré, garden tools perfectly used as music instruments, curtains flying over the piano player, 'krakkemikige krukken uit Krakau' (which is also near Kalmthout in case you wondered)......and the sound of Algerian percussion, the intimate impression of Jacques Brel, mambo, folk, brilliant mucisians, etc...


Betsy said…
Dat was echt ontzettend leuk! Ik kan me voorstellen dat het fantastisch is om hem live te zien! :-)

Ik ken hem eigenlijk alleen maar als presentator op televisie. (kan dat?) Wist niet dat hij ook muziek speelt! Wat een talent!
Goofball said…
@Betsy: yes yes, he presents a lot of tv programs , but he does so much more. Do you know het "Peulengaleis", the hilarious absurd sketch program on Canvas after the radio program "Het Leugenpaleis" on Studio Brussel? He's one of those 2.

Do you know The Radios, a well known Flemish band quite succesful in the first half of the nineties with hits like "She goes nana", "I'm into folk", ... Bart Peeters was the lead singer of the Radios.

He's also the drummer of the Clement Peerens Exlosition, a parody rock band (actually grown out of the sketches of the Peulengaleis).

Since 5 years, he sings in Dutch and his 2 latest CD's "Slimmer dan de zanger" (also 'live in leuven') and "De Hemel in het klad" are just fantastic. Really really super, contagious, fun, crazy and yet often serious.

Our opening dance at our marriage was "Liefde is Alles" of Bart Peeters.

did you listen to the other clip in my previous post?
here I blogged about a concert at Beleuvenissen
and here when we saw him at Dranouter

It's nice to live in Belgium with so many concerts so accessible :p

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