The summer of 2009 in music: House am see by Peter Fox

German music in the hit's rare. And those that did so in the past are usually now only in the "wrong" hit parades again eg Matthias Reim or Nicole.
This summer there was a refreshing German song constantly on our radio's though. Too bad Peter Fox is already tired of the success and attention this hit gave him and he's stopping his solo career after one hit (I think he has a band though?? not sure).

So what do you think? Catchy huh? Do you want a house at a lake?


Brillig said…
Oooh, I really dig it! Obviously, on this side of the pond, we've never heard it before. Thanks for educating us. :-D I'm gonna buy it, for me and for my kids. I like for them to know that there's good music in languages besides theirs.
Betsy said…
I really like this song too! They played it constantly in Holland but I've never actually heard it in Germany! Funny, huh?
Goofball said…
@Brillig: glad you like it. I posted another song, Dutch rap & folk mixed last week. you can find it here :

The ultimate summer song is "Me gustas tu" from Manu Chao. I bet your children will love the cheerful song with all the little sound effects in it!

@Betsy: really??? it wasn't on the German radio a lot? huh? How strange!!!
Snooker said…
Maybe Betsy isn't listening to the right type of stations. I've got my ear to RS2 which is an adult contemporary station playing everything from Annie Lennox to Katy Perry. For a while there we heard "Haus am See" once every few hours.

I really like it but had never seen the video. Thanks for that!

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