The summer of 2009 in music: Rex by Customs

Yesterday morning I had to scratch ice from my windshield for the first time....Time for another song from this summer. A promising newly discovered Belgian group "Customs" with there first succesfull single.

Very pulsing, energising and sticking.


Betsy said…
Ooh! I like this one! How is it I haven't ever heard it? Have been streaming StuBru lately again. It's still my all time favorite radio station ever!
Goofball said…'s StuBru who discovered Customs though. They gave the single a lot of airplay in June/July and it was number one of the Afrekening in July. They also had some studio sessions with Stubru and were invited on tv één in some programs.

But now it doesn't have airplay anymore. I guess we are all now waiting for them to create and finish their first album. I've heard another song once "Justine" but it isn't as good (first impression)

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