You have to fry it very hard so you get a korstje

and you need no sticky pan"

Jan and I love to watch "SOS Piet" and see how he comes in Flemish families to watch them cook day-to-day dishes, see what they do wrong and then intervene and teach them in his typical way with his heavy accent from West-Vlaanderen.

Oh today we both cracked up in laughter so often when he was trying to teach someone in English. He sure was trying his best and most of it was excellent but his English sounded now and then like the Jean-Marie Pfaff's German. Check out an extract here. In the end his Flenglish was clear enough and they got what they wanted "in fact, ne fajitas must be een opgerold pannenkoekske". Ok got it ;)

Oh VTM must do this more often: it's a educational cooking program and a comedy at the same time. I still feel my belly from laughing.


Brian Miller said…
lol. the language barrier could end up with some interesting dishes in the end.
Carolina said…
And they edited out the "then you screw the vegetables ;)".
Lilacspecs said…
Piet! Piet is pretty funny and he wears such bright colored shirts.
Goofball said…
@ Carolina: hahahaaahaaaaa tooo funny.
Was that you in the show?
Carolina said…
hahaha yeah, I was google-ing to see if I would find it online to send to family.
Felicity said…
hey gorgeous - speaking of watching things - We just finished watching District 9 - Im not a sci fi fan usually but it has an excellent social message.

Love you you and Jan


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