Made in Belgium: Daan

Since I listen the last years to Studio Brussel more regularly I noticed that I some songs I liked were from Daan. I've never seen him perform so far even though he seemed to be scheduled on all music festivals in the summer of 2008.

His latest album "Manhay" was released during the course of 2009 and all 3 singles have become hits with a lot of airplay on the radio. And I love them, especially Icon where he sounds like a Belgian Johnny Cash. It has the same pulsing rhythm as Lily Allen's 'Not Fair' which I particularly like.
Daan has just received an award because he's the most downloaded Belgian (Flemish?) artist in 2009.

Icon - 2009/2010

Crawling from the wreck 2009

Swedish designer drugs 2002


rozebril said…
Ik ben helemaal zot van Daan! Spijtig genoeg ook nog nooit live gezien.
Betsy said…
I like Daan too! Although I don't know the two songs you've got from his latest album here. Icon is great!

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