Blogging can have fun consequences

If you blog, you might start reading other blogs as well
If you read interesting posts, you might want to leave some comments
If you do that quite often, you might start communicating directly with some of them.

And when you travel, you might have a chance to meet some of them eg SMID or Jenn in Holland or you might even find out that you live in the same city, right Rozebril?

And one day you might get an e-mail that their friend is travelling in the area and before you know it you are showing some Belgian beers to your new interesting house guest. Hi Q, it was fun meeting you. Have fun on the rest of your trip!


Jenn said…
I agree, fun consequences. If I ever come to Belgium I'll be looking you up.

Oh now that is just too cool! Thanks for hosting Q.
Snooker said…
I completely agree and would really like to dive with you some time.
Goofball said…
@jenn: you'd be very welcome!

@smid: no problem, it was fun. Good of you to get us introduced.

@zusjesenzo: zeg, wanneer gaan we nog eens mojito drinken?

@snooker: yes we should do that!
Virtualsprite said…
I love those connections and even though I never get to travel, I feel like I do when I read your blog. Thank you!
Ellen said…
Fun!! I love that about blogging, that you can get to know someone with no bounds of location!
Brian Miller said…
that is really cool. would love to meet some of my fellow bloggers...

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