Another great dive camping weekend

The weather predictions were rather horrible...But we left prepared and we were lucky and the camping/dive weekend turned out great :)

Traditionally we had to set-up the tent under threatening clouds but still dry until we were all done and ready to go out for dinner somewhere in the pouring rain :). Our night cap was possible at the camp side again and that cold night I was kept warm by my good sleeping bag.

Saturday was supposed to be the best day and when we got wet it was our own fault because we were diving. We spent the day at les Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure where we took the under water bus again to go say hi to the perches & zanders. After six unvoluntary dry months I truly enjoyed going under again.

Back at the camp site we prepared for the cold night by searching wood for a camp fire and of course we spent hours chilling with a massive amount of appetizers. The rain appropriately waited until we were inside for dinner again. Thank you all readers for crossing your fingers that well!.

Chasing free chickens is a good way to stay warm too...or to simply have a good laugh.

It was very very cold at night, but the fire was very nice!

On Sunday those who braved the cold air and the cold water at the quarry of Traigneaux took another nice dive.


Jen said…
It looks like you had a lovely time! Cheers!
yab said…
Brrr. ;-)
Brian Miller said…
un i think you parked the boat in the wrong spot...smiles. looks like a fun time...glad you had a great weekend!

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