Glad I wasn't camping anymore today!

Branches dance madly:
their loud whirling stresses that
more rain is coming.

Glancing through wet glass
at the heavy grey curtain
triggers a shiver

It may seem absurd
but on some days in August
you need heating on

Sitting with short sleeves
I look at my goosebumps
and dream of hot soup

Why does the weather
need to proof her point today
that summer's ending?

A coloured arch grows
sparking new optimism
through my gloomy mood

There's a new Haiku Buckaroo contest going on at My Mommy's Place. Check it out to find more contestants!


Kat Mortensen said…
Really nice, Goofball! I like the first and last ones the best.

Jen said…
We had VERY hot temps today, but it's supposed to hit "fall" weather on Thursday.

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