Going away for the weekend

Isn't it ironic
to go camping in the rain
as a reno break?

Testing our nice tent
through fierce wind gusts and downpours:
do call us insane.

Cross your fingers please
for a local exception
in the predictions

A bit of sunshine
would be so enjoyable
at the lakeside beach

There's a new Haiku Buckaroo contest going on at My Mommy's Place. Do check it out and even better...participate :)


Lilacspecs said…
Especially ironic now that you have 2 houses!
zusjesenzo said…
Veel plezier. ik duim mee dat het (redelijk) droog blijft!
Brian Miller said…
i hope you have a wonderful time this weekend an a graced with beautiful weather....
Jen said…
I hope it got better!
Leslie said…
I hope the weather was better than that!

(And thanks for entering the Haiku Buckaroo contest!)

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