There's major construction works on all major highways. It was one of the last busy "change" weekends when a lot of vacation starts or end. And of course it was raining cats & dogs with windgusts and some fog in most of the country.

Excellent moment to drive from one side of the country to the other one with a nervous bladder to face the traffic jams caused by accidents at those construction sites to go to a family bbq. Argh. (yes my dear North-American friends....that's no typo, we did drive across the country in the morning ;) )

Fortunately the rain had not yet arrived in the west of the country so we could have the reception outside and I could hula hoop some stress out of me to enjoy the rest of the day with the family and plenty of food. Newly energised (well more or less) we were ready to face the awefull traffic & the rain again when we headed home.


Jen said…
Nothing like a little hooping for stress relief, although I think I'd rather do yoga. ;-)
Brian Miller said…
ha. nice job...i cant keep those things up...just dont got the right swivel in my hips...

sorry could not talk earlier...just me and the boys today & tomorrow...ack. survived it. smiles.

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