Made in Belgium: Goose

2 years ago the Sugababes had to cancel their act on Marktrock last minute and the Belgian band Goose quickly filled the gap on stage.

I wasn't too impressed with the act and only knew "British Mode" so far. But after some years of silence, they released their new single "Words" last week. And from the first time I heard it on the radio I loved it. And they play it a lot at Stubru. And I love it. :) Do you?
I'm curious for their album that soon will be released

Words - August 2010

British mode - 2006


Jen said…
I think I like their music more than the singing aspects. I think they've got strong rhythms going.
Sofie said…
Funny ... I saw Goose for the first time in France, when I was on Erasmus in Mulhouse in the spring of 2007. I was really impressed, they are great live!! Difficult to stop your feet from dancing! :) I like British Mode more than the song Words though ... Will be interesting to see what their album is like!

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