Made in Belgium: Selah Sue

When I lived in Ghent, I had the feeling that all musical talent in Belgium came from Ghent. Now I'm amazed by the number of talented artists from the area of Leuven. Selah Sue is one of them. She got discovered 4 years ago in a local talent show and got a tutoring contract in the AB, a well-known concert hall in Brussels where she was the in house artist in 2009.

She often covers Amy Whinehouse, but also had some good singles so far. So young and so talented.

Black part love



Those were the days - Live at Marktrock in leuven


Brian Miller said…
oh i like ragamuffin!
Betsy said…
I missed a lot of your posts while I was away on vacation-- am just seeing this now. I really like Triggerfinger, but I LOOOOOOOOOVE Selah Sue! Thanks again for posting!

Happy Weekend!

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