Made in Belgium: Two Man Sound

The Belgian music scene has smelled a scandal: it turned out last week that "ça plane pour moi" has not been sung by Plastic Bertrand himself but by his manager. This has been proven by some court assigned experts in a trial dispute and has finally been admitted by Plastic Bertrand himself.

But that manager isn't exactly unknown in the music scene , on the contrary. Lou Deprijck was a tremendously succesfull singer & producer in the 70ies & 80ies. Among other he belonged to the trio Two Man Sound that conquered the world with disco/samba songs in the 70ies. Disco Samba alone sold over a million copies in Mexico for example and continued to be a European hit in diverse European countries in the 80ies being featured on many compilation albums.

The hits are still heard on any silly summer party so bring on the cocktails and some funky sunglasses and let's dance :)....Have fun!

Disco Samba

Charlie Brown


Brian Miller said…
oh, i am dancing....
Virtualsprite said…
Fun music!

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