Maybe we've been renovating too much

Last night at 1.45 AM


G: "Ugh...WTF, what is that?" while hopping out of bed with much sleepy confusion
J: "mumble"
G: "Ouch" (while walking into the wardrobe)
J: "Oh it's that little alarm your parents forgot"
G: "Ugh what...where am I? Oh damn" (while feeling the wardrobe in the dark in search of the room's door until I realize a few seconds later that I'm in Leuven and our door is truly on the other side)

[I run downstairs while the beeping sounds louder and louder and I find the culprit alarm on the table. With a big smack I can get it to shut up. I rush quickly back upstairs hoping to sneak back into bed before I am truly woken up.]

J: " we really need to measure that wall now?"
G: "Huh? No, you're dreaming"
J: "But we need to measure, that alarm went off"
G: "That alarm was a mistake, go back to sleep."
J: "mumble mumble"
[J turns around, I close my eyes]
J: "But we have the height and the width"

[after which silence returned]


zusjesenzo said…
Lol! Hoog tijd voor een verbouwingsstop zou ik zeggen :-).
Brian Miller said…
haha...that was amazing...
Jenn said…
That is funny. I agree when I am dreaming about something I'm doing too much of it.


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