A big blank

Oops January is over and I'm not sure what I've done over the last month
  • besides laying in the sofa complaining that I must be getting a cold again because my sinusses hurt and make me think I'm looking cross-eyed....alternated by days where Jan is complaining that he'd probably is getting ill
  • Despite complaining all the time for being tired , being awake at night as way too many thoughts are racing around at the most impossible hours causing myself to be...very tired 
  • working very hard and coming home where my energy level deflates like a little failing soufflĂ© after which I cancel some of my regular week activities to conserve my energy levels in the sofa...
  • and then drawing a big blank when I realise I haven't blogged in a while but have not been up to anything to talk about (and typing while looking cross-eyed isn't that easy anyway).

Seriously my energy has sucked lately and I really hope it gets kicked up again in February.  At least I have a trip to look forward too. Not the perfect Egypt diving get-away that we had planned (  :( bummer)  but a little escape anyway. 


Betsy said…
Hang in there! Spring is coming! It may be another couple of months away but it WILL get here! :-)

(Can you please remind me of this on the inevitable days that I get up feeling the same way you do? ;-) I'm not a big fan of winter either. )
Lilacspecs said…
Oy, you were going to Egypt?? Guess that's not happening this year.

And yeah, January drags for me too. I think everyone gets so pumped for Christmas and New Years and then you come back from a nice vacation to a loooong month of cold and grey boringness.

But! It's over now, and February goes fast and March starts to warm up again and before you know it it's spring time!
Brian Miller said…
oy i am so ready for spring...the warth...new life....ah....
R. Duckie said…
Hi Goofball, thanks for your comment, I'm alrlight! I will try and be around..

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