Made in Belgium: The Blackbox Revelation

This week I'll reveal to you the Blackbox Revelation, a garagerock band that has grown over the last couple of years to a successful live rock act, featured on all major rock festivals in Belgium and The Netherlands.  They were just rewarded a MIA for best rock/alternative artists and best live act and they leave today for LA to start recording their 3rd album. Their first single "I think I like it" is played before and after each game of the Pittsburgh Pirates and their first album got already a review in The New York Times.

Not bad for 2 still very young Flemish boys. Way to go.  

Love Kicks - summer 2010

High on a wire - 2009

I think I like you - 2008

Do I know you - feb 2010


Brian Miller said…
most def...this is right up my alley

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